Integrhythm: At the Forefront of Delivering Enterprise Cloud

December 10, 2015

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

The cloud, what once viewed as a mysterious, strange new world has today become a crucial cog in the wheel of the enterprise. Cloud computing is bursting with innovation, from new tools and vendors to services the cloud is transforming the way business is done.

While the cloud space hasn’t reached ‘standing room only’ yet, it is challenging to put the pieces together and select the best deployment, vendor and services to help one’s business operate as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. Integrhythm is a firm with a focus on integrating business and IT to create what the company refers to as, “an operational rhythm for the enterprise.”

While, Integrhythm works in IT, it does so much more by showing businesses of all verticals the power of the cloud. Whether it’s a healthcare firm needing a HIPAA compliant solution, Fortune 100 firm or an SMB, Integrhythm leverages strong IT partners to put together solutions that address business challenges—with a history of happy clients to ring the endorsement of the team’s capabilities.

Specifically, Integrhythm’s expertise is in enterprise cloud computing, IT advisory and management as well as ServiceNow implementation. Ranked No. 178 in the 2015 Inc. 5000, the firm can boast a three year growth of over 2,000 percent and a ranking of 14th among Top IT Services Companies. Mind you, this enterprise cloud startup was founded in 2011 with a staff of two and today touts a staff of over 20.

Integrhythm is a ServiceNow (News - Alert) Authorized Solutions Partner that works hand in hand with product teams to implement ServiceNow solutions that span IT governance, risk and compliance; HR service management; IT asset management and more.

The team of passionate management consultants is guided by the principles of creating tangible and sustainable value; optimizing IT assets to drive organizational value; an inclusive approach to create and implement solutions; and a hands-on, bottoms-up, data-driven and tool-focused implementations.

By the enterprise leveraging the cloud it can maximize its IT resources via automated processes creating more efficient workflows. Integrhythm provides orchestration and provisioning across a firm’s server, network and storage via VMware, Puppet products and ServiceNow offerings.

 Setup or management of enterprise cloud services pose no problem for Integrhythm, as it can virtualize a company’s servers, deploy orchestration solutions, analyze the deployment to ensure efficiency and perform contract management. In addition, Integrhythm also performs migration analysis for rationalization, mapping, prioritization and define a roadmap for migration.

Forecasts far and wide project the future to be quite cloudy. It should come as no surprise, with adoption on the rise more enterprises are realizing the benefits this once “outlier” technology has catapulted to the fore.

Is your enterprise in the cloud?

Edited by Maurice Nagle