ServiceNow Geneva Shows What Enterprise Cloud Can Do

December 10, 2015

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Software development is transforming work as we know it. ServiceNow (News - Alert), a firm with a focus on helping the enterprise modernize to be as efficient and scalable as possible, by honing in on tasks and processes that make up the day-to-day work life it is able to offer a service model that automates, structures and defines work flow.

Recently, ServiceNow announced its newest software release Geneva. The latest release promises improved engagement, the ability to operate IT as a business, extend service management across the enterprise, a more simplified developer environment as well as the world’s first ‘service-aware’ Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Geneva is able to provide a more engaging experience in a bevy of ways. The newest release includes a native Apple (News - Alert) iOS mobile app as well as an Apple Watch app for starters. From a single dashboard users are able to view key indicators and enable reporting while the release also provides a visual task board that includes notifications, automated for SLA breaches and emails to assignees. In addition to connect, a way in which users can collaborate, provide presence and show action records.

The ServiceNow Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is enabled via the cloud and speeds the go to market process. And, with an improved scripting environment, Geneva offers intelligent API auto-completion and table field names with industry standard JavaScript “linting” and validation. Both additions promise to improve developer efficiency and productivity.

The new release supports multiple cost models, provides a risk management as well as a project portfolio management tool. Furthermore, Geneva provides edge encryption and additional security and authentication tools to ensure proper security precautions are in place.

Geneva promises to extend service management further across the enterprise. Starting with its customer service management app, and running through security operations, HR service management and facilities service management ServiceNow provides a best practice via automation, collaboration and an easily maneuvered user dashboard.

Now native to the Geneva platform, the ServiceNow CMDB can create one system of record for service, and via service history the solution can provide data visualization to help manage configuration items over time. With integrated service mapping and discovery, change management, cloud management and event management Geneva is able to support a plethora of functions. This self-aware CMDB improves IT efficiency and monitors the ROI of automation, cost savings and projects savings.

This Platform-as-a-service provides firms with peace of mind, as it can handle the back end heavy lifting while companies can keep focused on the business at hand of improving the bottom line. ServiceNow Geneva is another example of how the enterprise cloud is not going anywhere, it appears this ascent is far from summiting.

Edited by Maurice Nagle