ServiceNow Announces Availability of ServiceWatch Suite

December 22, 2015

By Frank Griffin - Contributing Writer

Service outages in the IT department are now tantamount to losing power. With virtually every piece of equipment we use in the office now part of the IT infrastructure, any disruption to the service will be costly. ServiceNow, a company that specializes in enabling service management for every department in the enterprise including IT, has announced the availability of ServiceWatch Suite, which according to the company will reduce the cost, impact and rate of service outages.

The day-to-day work life of the digital ecosystem in which the modern enterprise operate include complex activities, tasks and processes. Since IT and business performance are now linked together, remediation solutions are critical. ServiceNow (News - Alert) provides solutions so enterprises can operate faster with greater efficiency by transforming the delivery and management of their services. This includes, human resources, facilities, field service, IT and more. The company delivers its solutions in the cloud with everything as a service to ensure full flexibility and scalability.

The ServiceWatch Suite monitors and gathers information about services across the entire organization and analyzes it to determine what is causing a particular incident, it then resolves the issue automatically. The solution correlates different events from multiple monitoring sources and it stores the data in a single configuration management database (CMDB).

The ability to quickly identify and fix a problem means customers will not be inconvenienced, whether they are trying to purchase an item or just browsing a site. And employees can continue working with minimal to zero interruptions.

“With this release, we are reversing 40 years of IT operations gospel, addressing outages starting with the impacted service rather than the infrastructure. Having a service-aware CMDB that IT teams can trust gives IT the confidence to quickly identify both the cause and business impact of an outage and automate the necessary actions to ensure service availability,” said Michael Nappi, senior director of product management, ServiceNow.

The cloud-based solutions include ServiceWatch Mapping, ServiceWatch Insight and ServiceWatch Suite.

This comprehensive monitoring platform gives IT teams the ability to identify what is causing an outage by going over all the services that are connected to each system. It is this complete visibility ServiceNow offers that makes it possible for IT personnel to automate key processes and tasks, such as password reset, email account creation, provisioning and management of cloud resources, server configuration and provisioning, system resets, and more.

Teams can prioritize which issue to remediate first based on the impact it will have on the operations of the organization. A dashboard displays all of the incidents with a list of active alerts along with the services that are being impacted in real-time. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle