The Cloud is a Safer Place with Avanan and Check Point Software

December 22, 2015

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

Tales of data breaches abound these days, as major retailers from Home Depot to Dairy Queen get socked by hacking attempts. It's not hard to be concerned about the level of security anywhere else, and if major enterprises can be hacked, what about the enterprise cloud? A new effort from Avanan and Check Point Software (News - Alert) is out to make enterprise cloud use that much safer with new security tools.

The Avanan/Check Point partnership provides several new security tools for some of the biggest enterprise systems around, from Google (News - Alert) Apps to Salesforce and Office 365. Early reports suggest that the pre-release versions of these tools have been running with various companies for some time, and that results have been very positive so far. Avanan's co-founder and CEO, Gil Friedrich, called the tools “best-of-breed security products” that, until recently, simply couldn't be had anywhere else.

Avanan and Check Point's new offerings include threat mitigation and protection tools on several levels, including the SandBlast Threat Emulation system, which allows businesses to open incoming files in a safe environment and observe the effects accordingly. SandBlast Threat Extraction, meanwhile, allows the resulting threats to be modified, allowing infected documents to have the hazardous parts removed and replaced with safe components. The Threat Prevention Antivirus system uses not only currently-known virus signatures, but also anomaly protections to spot and block malware before it can even reach a system.

Several other tools, including data loss prevention and information rights management, also step in to protect the data that's already in place against theft or damage. That's not just exterior protection, but also interior protection. Perhaps best of all is that it's available on a one-click deployment basis, and users can even get a free 30-day trial from the duo.

The enterprise cloud system can be a dangerous place. With so many potential points of access, hackers have an easier time trying to slip into the network. This calls for increased vigilance, and a means to not only protect the network from unauthorized access but also protect the data contained within the network. It's a solution that not only counts on perimeter defense but also internal protection, and the Avanan/Check Point system looks to provide just such a solution.

Any connectivity these days comes with a certain risk, but having the right tools on hand can protect a system and make it that much better. Avanan and Check Point are taking an unusual route and bringing out a complete line of protective solutions, and it's no wonder the early reports are so positive.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere