The Benefits of the dotCMS Enterprise Cloud

January 08, 2016

By Frank Griffin - Contributing Writer

The goal of enterprises today, as it applies to their IT, is to eliminate any limitations. If they are not able to operate with the flexibility and scalability needed to address any market condition, they will fall short. The recently released SaaS (News - Alert) based CMS and DX platform by dotCMS has been developed to remove any of the limitations enterprises face in the digital world.

The dotCMS Enterprise Cloud is a customizable next generation, software-as-a-service (SaaS) content management and digital experience platform with exceptional speed, flexibility and performance for delivering content driven applications. This will give digital marketers, developers and IT administrators increased access to their customer, whether they are individual consumers or small and large organizations across the public and private sector.

DotCMS lets companies operate thousands of sites, apps, landing pages, intranet, extranet and multi-channel user experiences which can be managed and maintained in a single system and codebase with a private, secure and fully customizable platform. Because it is built on Amazon Web Services (News - Alert), it can be set up to address the technical and budgetary requirements of enterprises that need to manage the growth of their content and content distribution channels no matter how big it gets.

“DotCMS Enterprise Cloud is our direct and game-changing response to real-time marketplace requirements at a pace our customers demand,” said Tim Brigham, CEO of dotCMS.

With so many different channels available in the market place, enterprises must address each segment because of the potential customer base it contains. However, in the past this meant creating solutions or developing applications to make themselves available everywhere, at great cost. By harnessing the SaaS model and removing its limitations, it gives enterprises operating in the digital world more possibilities.

Brigham added, “We recognize the evolving and overlapping needs of marketers, developers and IT professionals. They’re looking for a SaaS content management, development and infrastructure solution that drives efficiencies, generates innovation and optimizes results in today’s digital economy,”

The dotCMS Enterprise Cloud also extends the flexibility into the payment for the solution. It doesn’t have incremental or per unit charges associated with adding users, editors, sites, apps, plugins, integrations or anything developers build in the system. Organizations can choose the deployment model that fits their criteria based on their IT assets, business requirement and where they are at the moment. The benefit of this platform is you can start small and grow without having to worry about technical limitations.  

Edited by Stefania Viscusi