Unisys Debuts a Micro-approach Cloud Security Solution with Macro Security Features

January 25, 2016

By John Casaretto - Contributing Writer

Cloud security solutions are constantly evolving as they emerge to answer the call and demands of business. The year ahead will be filled by the continued arrival of improved and novel security solutions. The latest news on this front comes from Unisys (News - Alert), which recently announced a new security product called Stealth. This product will be available in the Amazon Web Services (News - Alert) ecosystem for a variety of systems. It offers microsegmentation across various layers and in structured elements on Amazon Web Services systems. The granular control and protection that is made possible by this technology has the capability to scale up or be as finite as required. Immediately available in the Amazon Web Services marketplace, it offers fast, simplified protection against threats while protecting the integrity of systems thanks to the segmentation. This also serves to protect systems from virtual neighbors that are in the Amazon Cloud.  

This technology indicates yet another evolution in the security that is available in the cloud. It holds true potential to replace legacy security products and boasts features that could not be achieved before. Unisys has progressively evolved into a significant security company that holds enterprise security demands at the core of its evolving products and services. Microsegmentation promises to allow companies to enforce granular policies where they are needed and it helps companies reduce attack surfaces. Of all the compelling elements of this technology, it is the underlying framework which allows layered security to integrate into a cloud-based tool and interface.

Public cloud services have had a long reputation of being knocked due to security concerns. Compliance and regulatory requirements are two fields where public cloud security concerns might never be fully resolved. However, cloud security has never been higher than it is right now, thanks to a never-ending drive to create better, more secure products. The future of cloud security will be explored at this week’s ITEXPO, the industry’s leading conference on B2B technology.