Appirio and High Alpha Building Enterprise Cloud Company from Ground Up

February 11, 2016

By Clayton Hamshar - Contributing Writer

Cloud software is the way of the future, but as with any new technology it comes with its own set of issues that need to be addressed through purpose-built solutions. At the same time, next-generation cloud companies have the opportunity to embrace new delivery models and develop other innovations. High Alpha, a venture studio that supplies funding for bringing innovative cloud enterprise companies to life, and cloud services specialist Appirio just announced a new strategic partnership in which they will combine their relative expertise to enable the development of these next-generation companies.

Appirio offers an impressive list of service capabilities centered on experience with cloud networking, using cutting-edge cloud platforms, pre-built solution accelerators and crowdsourcing to enable creation of innovative worker and customer experience solutions. The company manages a team of free-thinking consultants and an extensive Topcoder development community, and has partnered with a number of high-profile brands to enhance their technological capabilities and move them into the cloud.

High Alpha’s support team is an invaluable resource for enterprise cloud companies looking to get off the ground, and its efforts will be dramatically enhanced by the capabilities Appirio brings to the table. Together they are building a new, as-yet-unnamed portfolio company that is taking full advantage of the flexible and capable Topcoder platform. The two companies have noted the new company will serve as a sort of model for future collaborations, indicating there are a lot of good ideas in the pipeline.

“High Alpha’s business approach combines entrepreneurial support plus a venture capital component, allowing businesses to grow and scale at a rapid pace,” says Steve Pruden, Vice President at Appirio. "This environment will allow our Topcoder community to work on engaging projects, and will increase demand for crowdsourced software development. And, our free-thinking consultants will remain relevant by working with some of the most entrepreneurial minds in the business."

Pruden will serve on the new company’s board of directors; ensuring efforts stemming from the partnership will not be fruitless. It has not been said when this company and its products will go public.

“High Alpha is built for speed and we are constantly looking for opportunities to establish competitive advantage,” commented Scott Dorsey, Managing Partner at High Alpha. “Our strategic partnership with Appirio will enable us to move even faster by leveraging their team’s exceptional cloud services expertise and vast Topcoder development community. We are thrilled to be working with Steve and the Appirio team to build innovative, next-generation enterprise cloud companies.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle