SevOne Receives Certification From ServiceNow Cloud

February 16, 2016

By Casey Houser - Contributing Writer

SevOne, a developer of software that monitors network performance, recently received certification of its eponymous product with the ServiceNow (News - Alert) cloud-based service management platform.

This means that SevOne can now ensure interoperability and high performance while being operated in the ServiceNow cloud, and users of that cloud can begin using the network monitor with the expectation that it will perform well alongside other ServiceNow tools. Jim Melvin, the chief marketing officer at SevOne, commented in his company’s news release that this sort of integration can assist enterprises by securing their digital infrastructure.

“Managing and maintaining today’s digital infrastructures requires intelligence across multiple complex systems in order to drive continuous delivery to every end user,” Melvin said. “Integrating our SevOne platform with leading cloud solutions like ServiceNow is a core component of SevOne’s strategy in closing the gap between discovering and predicting digital infrastructure insights and taking action to avoid or resolve issues.”

This goal of network activity prediction begins by addressing the network issues that become inevitable within any type of digital system. IT admins can gain an overview of their entire company systems and figure out the causes of network downtime, slow performance, or hiccups regarding the interoperability of devices and services. SevOne gathers much of that information automatically and creates service tickets about specific incidents. Admins and other IT staff can then address those issues as they collect.

The network monitor also has the ability to gather metadata about users and devices. IT staff can use that information to understand the dynamic nature of how many people they serve and how many devices make transactions on a network every day. This can lead to admins addressing the bigger challenge of streamlining how larger company operations better organize its bases of employees and customers; it can also inform how companies can best deliver services to their companies.

In the ServiceNow cloud, enterprises can easily launch the SevOne system to gain oversight over their own networks. By using the cloud-based servers, they will not need to provide their own infrastructure – only the knowledge of how to navigate an existing control center. Ultimately, this can result in a better use of software-defined infrastructures that, as noted above, seeks to automate as much of daily processes as possible. Human intervention, at this point, still takes a necessary role, but software can come a long way by making automation a large part of normal networking.

Edited by Maurice Nagle