NTT Transforms SAP HANA Database Appliance into Cloud Service

April 05, 2016

By David Delony - Contributing Writer

NTT Communications has announced the launch of SAP (News - Alert) HANA Menu on its Enterprise Cloud service.

“Using NTT Com's cloud services, enterprises expanding their business globally can deploy core systems including SAP HANA,” a statement from the company said.

SAP HANA is an in-memory relational database management system. Since all the data is in memory, it’s a lot faster than pulling data off of hard drives. SAP HANA is only available from SAP as a hardware appliance, but NTT (News - Alert) is offering use of the database as a service.

NTT is currently offering SAP HANA Menu in its native Japan, with other countries to follow.

The advantage for customers will be access to the SAP HANA database system without having to invest in a hardware appliance. As a cloud offering, capital expenses are shifted to operating expenses. Customers will be billed only as long as they sign up for the service, without them having to install an appliance, configure it themselves only to decommission it themselves when they find they no longer need it.

NTT delivers SAP HANA based on a Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI (News - Alert)) platform. SAP Hana is installed directly on a dedicated server in NTT’s Enterprise Cloud using Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The system also includes NFS support, a file sharing protocol common to Linux and Unix systems.

NTT is offering SAP HANA in two tiers: a SAP HANA Set 256GB for 276,800 yen (approximately $2,500) per month. The company intends to offer a 512 gigabyte plan in May.

The system shows some of the real advantages of cloud computing. Customers get access to a powerful database platform that otherwise requires an on-premises installation and pay for it only as long as they need it. It could be a real game-changer when it launches in countries outside of Japan.

Edited by Maurice Nagle