Gartner Recognizes Informatica as Integration Platform Leader

April 06, 2016

By Casey Houser - Contributing Writer

As more businesses move their applications and data to the cloud, the greater the need becomes for a separate class of applications that can handle the transfer of information from one cloud to another or from cloud systems to on-premises systems.

Informatica recently proved that it is leading the managed approach to this technique with the development of its integration platform-as-a-service service. Gartner (News - Alert) reported this month in its latest publication – “2015 Worldwide Market Share for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) in the Application and Infrastructure Middleware Market” – that Informatica has gained the spot as having the highest market share among its peers.

As a service provider, it gained $91 million of the total $414 million in revenue, 22 percent of the whole, and showed dominance over the closest competitor by seven percent share. Amit Walia, the executive vice president and chief product officer at Informatica, explained the big changes that have taken place within the business to allow for this leading position.

“Informatica Cloud currently has more than 4,500 enterprise iPaaS customers, connected to over 150 applications and moving more than 10 billion transactions a day,” Walia said. “We are seeing over 150 percent year-over-year cloud transaction growth rate as customers increasingly move integration workloads to the cloud.”

Clients can build their own enterprise clouds that exist entirely in private or public spaces and which may also link to on-premise data and applications. The Informatica iPaaS service gives all business applications the chance to connect with one another and therefore can help streamline how employees and managers complete their daily tasks.

This type of data sharing has made it possible for clients to boost the efficacy of their customer relationship management applications, such as was the case with Wipro (News - Alert). It can extend in a similar fashion to all manner of programs that handle communications, business planning, or client-facing service portals, just to name a few.

Informatica notes that its iPaaS currently works with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, NetSuite (News - Alert), Adobe, and a number of other big name companies that may offer software already in use at prospective clients’ workplaces. Their connection to this managed platform can begin the journey for any company that wants to better connect its disparate data stores and applications together.

Edited by Maurice Nagle