Solinea Releases New OpenStack Management Software

April 25, 2016

By Casey Houser - Contributing Writer

Solinea, a developer of cloud-based infrastructure management software, is more than familiar with OpenStack, the open source cloud computing platform that has gained significant recognition since its launch in 2010. Typically released as part of an infrastructure-as-a-service model, OpenStack has become popular with developers who want to access their companies’ hardware resources from any location with a connection to the Internet.

Solinea knows that those developers may have trouble keeping pace with the management of all their workloads that have moved to the cloud. Therefore, it has responded to that need with the new Solinea Goldstone Enterprise software that offers tools for resource optimization, auditing, workload visualization, and monitoring and alerts. Ken Pepple, the chief technology officer at Solinea, noted specifically that managers of OpenStack deployments can have trouble when migrating multiple applications and their assets to the cloud.

“One of the critical gaps, particularly with OpenStack, has been a lack of optimization and policy management resources that can perform well in production,” Pepple said. “Solinea Goldstone Enterprise fills that need and not only provides exceptional monitoring capabilities but also supports policy and governance requirements in production environments at scale.”

Goldstone Enterprise first assists the managers of any enterprise cloud with resource optimization. By that term, Solinea means it can help IT personnel save resources by telling the management software to allow code to expire. Solinea refers to this feature as the “set it and forget it” tool because it allows virtual machines to be reclaimed into any future projects once their current projects have finished their tasks.

Goldstone Enterprise continues this resource management with its ability to search for events, logs, or APIs. It can also display resource use trends and track logins to, respectively, identify which resources are used most/least and identify unwanted events such as unauthorized logins.

The management software provides auditing with the OpenTrail Auditor tool. It can record API usage and show to which administrators or designated auditors the records are attached. A complete visualization of company OpenStack projects is also available – complete with information about how one project links to another regarding their click-through patterns and configurations.

Finally, monitoring tools within Goldstone Enterprise can show users the resource consumption of any OpenStack project in real time. They can analyze logs, events, and API calls that are happening in the moment or have happened within a certain period of weeks, months, or years. In addition, the Solinea software can alert users when resources are running low or any improper logins have taken place. Managers can gain complete control over multiple workloads in a way they would have been unable without an overarching view of all their OpenStack projects.

Edited by Maurice Nagle