Cloudbase Solutions Delivers Coriolis to Help with Workload Migrations

April 29, 2016

By Paula Bernier - Executive Editor, TMC

Coriolis – Cloud Migration as a Service! is a new offering from Cloudbase Solutions that allows for the automated migration of Linux and Windows workloads between clouds.

This requirement is increasingly prevalent, particularly in cases in which users are moving from Microsoft (News - Alert) System Center VMM or VMware vSphere environments to Amazon AWS, Azure/Azure Stack, Google Cloud, or OpenStack, the company explains.

“One of the first questions that enterprise customers ask when facing the adoption of a modern cloud infrastructure, like OpenStack or Microsoft Azure Stack, is about how to move their existing workloads from their previous virtualization solution without investing huge amounts of manual engineering resources,” notes Cloudbase Solutions CEO Alessandro Pilotti “Coriolis provides an easy, scalable, and reliable solution for this scenario.”

In his February blog Pilotti talks about some of the trickier aspects of such migrations that Coriolis helps address.

That includes the requirement of new operating system drivers and tools like cloud-init/cloudbase-init in the OpenStack use case, and LIS kernel modules on Azure and Hyper-V.

He adds that migrating multiple tenants to hundreds of virtual machines at the same time can also be a scalability and up-time issue, but that Coriolis is based on a microservices architecture that delivers fault tolerance and scalability.

Security is also an important consideration here, the CEO adds. Coriolis addresses security with Azure Key Vault, OpenStack’s Barbican project, and other market standard solutions, he explains.

Coriolis, he continues, can also support cloud bursting, allowing hybrid scenarios in which the target cloud handles workload expansions on a public cloud while maintaining on-premises infrastructure.

This solution also provides a REST API that can be consumed with a command line, custom interface, or via the web.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle