4th Source to Provide Nearshore ServiceNow Capabilities

May 04, 2016

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

From SaaS, to PaaS and IaaS, the enterprise cloud is rich with innovation, growing adoption and capabilities. A mover and shaker in the IT space, ServiceNow (News - Alert),  enables companies to modernize; creating more efficient workflows, establish scalability and evolve with the software-defined revolution taking place before our eyes.

IT service management (ITSM) is simply the entirety of activities preformed by an organization to manage IT services (end-to-end) to customers.  And, with the growing complexity in company networks, processes and operations, it is critical to have an exceptional solution to support these services. This week, 4th Source (News - Alert) announced its status as a registered ServiceNow partner, capable of leveraging the ServiceNow platform to provide ITSM services.

“ServiceNow has reduced email, phone calls and IM interruptions, along with all the spreadsheets and checklists floating around, making us a more efficient company,” said Susan Britt, ServiceNow tech lead at 4th Source. "We can implement or enhance aspects of ITSM according to the specific needs of customers, reducing a lot of duplication of effort."

In specific, 4th Source will leverage the ServiceNow platform to deliver managed services that include remote applications management as well as service desk. And the 4th Source ServiceNow consulting programs, 4SITE, will provide end users with preconfigurations for a faster deployment, and by 4th Source utilizing a nearshore model firms can scale at a lower cost.

This news is another affirmation of the importance of IT operations and how the enterprise cloud is transforming workflows and processes by alleviating cost, time and inefficiency through innovation and automation.  ServiceNow illustrates the growing interest in the arena, as just in the past several months we’ve witnessed upgrades, releases, and deployments of the PaaS solution.

Before one can thrust their way into enterprise cloud it is important to do one’s due diligence. Pick someone on the forefront with knowledge and expertise to get your workflows in rhythm. The alphabet soup that is the enterprise cloud is no passing fad, so the choice is yours: get your head in the cloud or enjoy the show from the sidelines.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi