EMC Corporation Releases LEAP Content Management Online Collection

May 05, 2016

By Casey Houser - Contributing Writer

EMC Corporation (News - Alert) recently announced the launch of it new set of content and productivity applications for businesses. Called LEAP, the new collection of apps helps clients classify documents, migrate data, and design lightweight company apps for any type of desktop or mobile hardware.

Rohit Ghai, the president of EMC’s enterprise content division, commented that the primary goal of this release was to make it easy for IT and design professionals to handle data and build new software.

“Our goal with the EMC LEAP family is to humanize the experience of interacting with business content,” Ghai said. “Beautiful, intuitive, and purpose-built apps drive engagement, which has a ripple effect. Customer engagement drives loyalty; employee engagement improves productivity; and partner and supplier engagement fosters better collaboration across the value chain.”

He further noted that the ultimate effect of these types of links makes it possible for companies to become more agile and better respond to their customers’ needs. Not only can clients better understand and manage the projects they want to create, they can make sure each project’s purpose aligns with the customer.

Unlike many other tool collections, LEAP contains products from EMC and third parties. Each app sits in the cloud in a functional marketplace that gives end users the option of using one program or the other. Each selection is built to work alongside existing apps that have long been available in EMC’s Documentum family of enterprise content management tools.

Alongside the announcement of this general release, five specific apps have made their way to the forefront of this enterprise cloud.

First, Courier gives clients a method of exchanging documents and tracking the path of any single file. Snap helps organize documents into categories for quick recognition of their types and uses. Concert gives managers the ability to delegate tasks in a project and assign specific responsibilities to individuals who will work on the same document. Express provides “anywhere, anytime access” to content by giving users the ability to search for and approve content that will find its way onto the desktop, mobile, or Web. Finally, Focus helps users read documents on their mobile devices by making sure that the font and scale of each document works with any device in a user’s grasp.

Together, a select number of customers will have access to the full range of LEAP products today. Come June 2016, LEAP is expected to make its commercial debut and allow all businesses to jump into the action.

Edited by Maurice Nagle