Cloud Foundry Foundation Adds Dynatrace to Roster

May 27, 2016

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

The Cloud Foundry Foundation, a group dedicated to the advancement of enterprise cloud systems and technology, recently added a new member to its lineup: Dynatrace. Dynatrace joined the group as a silver member, and is set to bring its line of digital performance management systems to join in the foundation's push toward a tomorrow with more enterprise cloud tools.

Dynatrace offers, at last report, the only lifecycle performance management systems around, which allows companies to ensure that the applications that are built and deployed with Cloud Foundry are running to the fullest. That helps ensure the best in value, especially as more and more companies make investments in cloud-based technology as a means to drive operations forward.

Since Cloud Foundry is one of the most widely-used platforms around, having the system work as it should when it needs to run is just smart business, and helps cut development time down to where it's possible to get new applications out in days, if not just a matter of hours. Dynatrace's systems help on that front by providing more visibility and performance feedback, helping address problems as they arise and thus smoothing the process. The agents involved in Dynatrace's systems are available to all Cloud Foundry users as a set of buildpacks, making it easier to put them to work.

Rob Cohen, Dynatrace's vice president of strategic business development, commented “As one of the leading cloud development platforms, the Cloud Foundry shares our commitment to building continuous quality into continuous delivery. Whether building cloud native apps or migrating enterprise apps to the cloud, incorporating Dynatrace performance management into Cloud Foundry environments will enable DevOps teams to go from idea to production faster and with greater confidence.”

Building cloud apps is a great function, but when building anything, from a bookcase to a cloud app, it's generally a good idea to know how stable it is from the start. No one wants to get all the way through building anything only to discover that it's entirely too unstable to suit anyone's needs, or that some valuable component was omitted in the early going of construction. That wastes a lot of time and effort, and for businesses, wasted time and effort is wasted money. Dynatrace's tools step in to help prevent those wastes of time and money, and that's good news for anyone developing in this sector. Given the upward climb of development in cloud-related fields, that's an increasingly large proportion of people in general.

Dynatrace's system doesn't just help development, it helps make development better. A proposition like that is tough to pass up, and explains reasonably well why Cloud Foundry added Dynatrace to its lineup.