CiraSync Brings New Enterprise Cloud SaaS Solution to Microsoft Azure

June 16, 2016

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

There is no shortage of solutions in the enterprise cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS (News - Alert)) field, and for those wanting one to help deal with the many contacts that some businesses can generate, there's a great new option from CiraSync. CiraSync's new contact management solution is now available on the Microsoft (News - Alert) Azure Marketplace, and it's got quite a bit on hand to offer.

CiraSync built a name for itself by syncing global address lists (GALs) to Microsoft Office 365 and smartphones alike, and taking about a minute to do so. CiraSync also can sync both Public Folder and customer relationship management (CRM) contacts to smartphones and Microsoft Outlook, which helps consolidate contact information and makes it less likely that needed contacts will slip through the cracks. Since CiraSync is closely integrated with Azure Active Directory and Office 365 Exchange, it helps make sure contacts are on hand and easily moved around.

Better yet, CiraSync is available as a managed tenant solution, which allows contact sync to be set up for virtually every cloud mailbox a company could have. It also requires no installation of software on servers, desktops, or even smartphones, which makes setup and use comparatively simple matters. Throw in a single sign-on system for added ease of use and the package delivers a lot of value.

Cira Apps Limited chief technology officer Vern Weitzman commented “Our team has over a decade of experience delivering Outlook and Exchange server contact management solutions to major government agencies, large corporations, law firms, and private equity firms. After extensive investigation into the available options, we determined that Azure was the perfect cloud platform for our SaaS solution.”

One user—Kismet Solutions's Joe Jerebic—noted that without CiraSync, one client could not have made the migration to Office 365. The contacts that client had were vital to continued operation, and unless those clients could be safely and successfully moved, there was no chance of leaving the current provider. CiraSync got all the clients moved and Office 365 became a clear possibility.

Contacts are vital to a wide range of businesses. Whether it's someone to sell to, someone to buy from, or someone who knows one of these two, businesses need to have the best in contacts to ensure the best deals are made and the most profit realized. If a system switch may cause even one contact to be lost, that could be the one client who could have saved, or made, a business a fortune. Thus an enterprise cloud SaaS solution like CiraSync that can help ensure all a business' contacts help survive the jump to Office 365 is especially vital, and likely to be well-received.

It's all about the contacts in the end, and CiraSync helps keep them safe on the move to new platforms, both hardware and software alike.

Edited by Maurice Nagle