Fujitsu Arm Brings GoVerifyID to Enterprise Cloud Development Operations

July 25, 2016

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

When it comes to enterprise cloud, development tools are both vital to the ongoing success of the system and found in fairly large numbers. One new force in enterprise cloud development recently came to light as Fujitsu (News - Alert) subsidiary RunMyProcess noted plans to bring ImageWare's GoVerifyID to its slate of clients, bringing a powerful new security solution to developers turning to RunMyProcess.

RunMyProcess is known for offering a complete development platform for enterprise apps, and the new move to bring in GoVerifyID makes it all the more complete. GoVerifyID is a biometric identity verification tool that can be added in on nearly any app around that wants to use biometrics as a means of authentication, which is a growing number of applications. Those who use GoVerifyID get, as described by RunMyProcess' CEO Dr. Yuji Takada, access to “...the most secure, flexible and scalable biometric authentication solution in the market.”

That's a point backed up by ImageWare's own CEO, Jim Miller, who noted that RunMyProcess currently works with “...hundreds of leading companies in over 45 countries,” and that ImageWare was more than ready to provide its “...patented, multi-modal biometric authentication solution to RunMyProcess customers.” The company is eager for further growth as well, bringing in a new technology veteran to its board of directors and preparing to bring its operations to developer haven Amazon Web Services (News - Alert) (AWS).

Biometrics as a security measure is becoming increasingly popular with developers, and for good reason. The old security measures of username-and-password just don't work as they once did, and with the growing number of locations that require authentication like email sites, cloud-based systems, banking sites and the like, making enough secure passwords to protect one's own interest is a difficult proposition. Passwords thus become watered down to be easier to remember, and that reduces their impact further. Biometrics, however, depend on factors that are always with a user—a fingerprint, a retinal scan, a voiceprint and so on—and so are almost impossible to forget. It's also almost impossible to break such systems without mutilating a user, especially nowadays—we all remember when Google (News - Alert)'s facial recognition systems on Ice Cream Sandwich were beaten with a  photograph—so there's not only ease of use, but also security. That means value for the user, and a clear call to add such systems to enterprise cloud developments.

A password that's as easy as a thumb rolling over a special pad is hard to pass up, and as such, will make biometrics a hot property for some time to come. That gives a clear edge to GoVerifyID, and to all those RunMyProcess users who will be using it as well.

Edited by Maurice Nagle