Skyhigh Networks Nails Down Cloud Encryption Patent

August 26, 2016

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Over the course of its evolution, the enterprise cloud continues to overcome hurdles. Adoption is growing at an explosive rate, the questions of performance have long been answered and security concerns are slowly being quelled as a result of innovation and focus. This week we saw another step in securing the cloud from Skyhigh Networks, as it was granted U.S. Patent for cloud-based encryption.

U.S. Patent 9413730 provides firms with the ability to encrypt data stored in cloud services using enterprise-controlled keys via cloud-based encryption keys. Skyhigh is a well known Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and with the announcement gains the ability to offer the enterprise the pleasure of dodging the slew of challenges in regard to deploying an on-premises encryption gateway, while still securing data across SaaS applications via encryption.

Sameer Sait, VP, Corporate IT & Chief Security Officer for Arrow Electronics (News - Alert). “There is no question that the ability to encrypt corporate data with keys we manage and without degrading service performance or adding friction to the end-user experience is a must-have requirement when selecting a CASB platform for any organization.”

In specific, by leveraging this type of approach a company reduces the chance of unauthorized access to corporate data, enforces jurisdictional controls and provides encrypted PII, proprietary and sensitive data stored in SaaS (News - Alert) applications.

“We are seeing growing demand from companies across all verticals to encrypt their sensitive corporate data in SaaS applications with customer-controlled keys,” said Kaushik Narayan, co-founder and CTO of Skyhigh Networks. “Our latest patent is tremendous validation of the innovation we are bringing to the market to address the most challenging security and compliance requirements in the cloud-first and mobile-first era.”

The era of cloud is upon us. And much like when we learned to drive, safety first – put on your seat belt, adjust the mirrors and your seat. In the same way looking both ways before turning protects the precious cargo in the vehicle; encryption is a key component to successfully ensuring the security of your firm’s precious data.

Is your data safe?

Edited by Alicia Young