Automated Service Management Benefits HR Teams and Employees Alike

September 30, 2016

By Laura Stotler - Enterprise Cloud Contributing Editor

Most people in charge of human resources want to offer their employees consistently high levels of service along with as much information and support as they require. This can often turn into a circular battle, however, with HR teams spending more than 70 percent of their time answering the same exact requests.

This repetition is a massive time waster for HR representatives and employees alike, not to mention the costs associated with repetitive, run of the mill questions and tasks. The result is that most HR teams are overburdened and have little time to spend on employee engagement and other proactive measures.

ServiceNow (News - Alert), a company specializing in streamlining HR tasks and services through automated management solutions, discussed the HR conundrum in a recent blog post. The company’s ServiceNow HR Service Management offering is designed to provide employees with a self-service portal that offers simple access to common questions and requests. Fully automated and easily personalized, the solution lets HR managers tailor the platform to meet their own needs by building up a HR service catalog. The result is an automated and streamlined HR process that saves HR departments time and money and gives employees the information they need on the spot.

In most HR scenarios, employees are required to make a phone call, send an email, search a complex and cumbersome website or physically walk into the HR department to get an answer to a simple question. And they often repeat the same requests if they don’t get an immediate response, adding significantly to an already overburdened HR department’s workload.

“In this environment, employee satisfaction with HR is often low, which can have a negative impact on employee engagement,” writes ServiceNow. “ And without a strong service framework, costs and support time are often much higher than desired.”

An automated service management solution like ServiceNow’s HR solution streamlines the entire process, offering employees a central portal where they can easily get their questions answered. The bottom line is that HR personnel are freed up from rote and repetitive tasks and can focus on more strategic employee engagement initiatives. And that makes for a happier HR team along with happy and satisfied employees.

Edited by Maurice Nagle