ServiceNow and Workday Integration Automates HR for Self-Service

September 30, 2016

By Tracey E. Schelmetic - Enterprise Cloud Contributor

It’s not unusual for human resources (HR) departments to be overtasked and understaffed. As anyone who works in HR will tell you, a great deal of time is spent answering common and routine questions and reinventing the wheel on a regular basis. HR is expected to operate smoothly across the entire enterprise, but a lack of integration with other departments inhibits this. From an employee perspective, contacting HR is right up there on the “dreaded tasks” list, along with phoning into a call center or undergoing a root canal.

Automation is increasingly helping eliminate these inefficiencies and barriers to HR operations. Solutions such as ServiceNow (News - Alert) work with hundreds of HR organizations to transform the way they engage with employees. Cloud-based service management connects the employee with HR in a brand-new way, allowing employees to manage their basic needs while also allowing HR to deliver high-touch support when it really matters, according to a recent blog post by ServiceNow’s Mike Vilimek.

A recent integration between ServiceNow and human capital management solution Workday aims to eliminate the barriers to smooth, enterprise-wide integration across organizations’ HR departments and workforces.

“By combining the power of Workday and ServiceNow, you can empower employees with HR self-service, free up time to deliver high-touch services, and automate your end-to-end processes – both within and beyond HR,” wrote Vilimek.

Employees can use the integrated solutions to handle many of their own human resources questions and issues. The self-service portal allows workers to submit requests, look up their own answers and track the resolution of their issues. They can also engage in live communication and collaboration with HR workers. By automating workflows for HR issues, the integrated solutions can cut out repetitive work, streamline processes and prioritize important tasks. This automation can also ensure that all issues are correctly handled, and nothing gets dropped or forgotten.

The integrated solution can also take much of the pain out of “onboarding,” or getting newly hired employees properly entered into company systems and processes. Many HR organizations spend the lion’s share of their time on this cumbersome but necessary function, and much of it today is still done manually. With the combined ServiceNow and Workday solution, companies can automate processes that span IT, facilities and other departments across the enterprise. Essentially, Workday handles HR issues and ServiceNow handles the rest, according to Vilimek.

“Because ServiceNow and Workday are integrated, all of this works seamlessly – with Workday still acting as your single system of record for employee and other HR information,” he wrote.

ServiceNow is exhibiting at the ongoing Workday Rising event taking place in Chicago from September 26 to 29. For more information about the event, visit http://www.workdayrising.com/us/. The company will detail how the ServiceNow-Workday solution has helped online retailer Overstock.com reduce the number of interactions required per individual for onboarding from 60 to 80 down to six. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle