• ServiceNow and Workday Integration Automates HR for Self-Service
    It's not unusual for human resources (HR) departments to be overtasked and understaffed. As anyone who works in HR will tell you, a great deal of time is spent answering common and routine questions and reinventing the wheel on …
  • Automated Service Management Benefits HR Teams and Employees Alike
    Most people in charge of human resources want to offer their employees consistently high levels of service along with as much information and support as they require. This can often turn into a circular battle, however, with HR teams spen…
  • ServiceNow Leverages ITOM to Become a Business Management Platform Contender
    Hot on the heels of being named "The Next Great SaaS Service Franchise" by Guggenheim Securities, ServiceNow is kicking things up a notch. The company is already a major player in the IT service management (ITSM) space and is shifting …
  • ServiceNow Touted As the Next Great SaaS Franchise
    ServiceNow has been touted as "The Next Great SaaS Franchise" by Guggenheim Securities after analysis of its stock performance. The company, a leader in the help desk and IT service management (ITSM) software space, has been growing at a …
  • New Integration Between Box, Google Docs and Google Springboard Announced
    As enterprises continue to generate massive amounts of data, on premises storage systems are becoming impractical and expensive. This has driven providers of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to look to the cloud to deliver the flexibil…
  • Microsoft Knocks Salesforce Off the Enterprise Cloud Throne
    If there's one thing we know about Microsoft, the company doesn't like to play second place to any other provider. Word processing software made sure it was the first in line in the corporate office, knocking out Apple …
  • Enterprise Cloud: Time for 2.0
    Just a few years ago, questions loomed large when it came to cloud migration, capability and security. In a short time, the enterprise cloud space has seen an explosion of innovation and adoption as a result of this burgeoning area'…
  • Simple Ways to Fix Customer Service Issues Start with Cloud-Based Tools
    There are very few businesses out there that actively desire worse customer service. Sometimes it might seem like that's the case, but generally most companies want better customer service as it improves the chance of return business. A n…
  • ServiceNow: Magic Yet Again
    Service Management operations require a rhythm and flow, with IT service support management tools serving as a key cog in the wheels of infrastructure and operations support. With the multitude of management tools available, it is easy to…
  • Iron Mountain, Virtustream Combine to Make a New Silver Lining in the Cloud
    Cloud-based services and software are an increasingly large part of our everyday work lives. There are more applications and more use cases for cloud-based systems than ever before, and now, a new combined effort in the market is …
  • Skyhigh Networks Nails Down Cloud Encryption Patent
    Over the course of its evolution, the enterprise cloud continues to overcome hurdles. Adoption is growing at an explosive rate, the questions of performance have long been answered and security concerns are slowly being quelled as a resul…
  • ScienceLogic Acquires AppFirst to Increase IT Monitoring Capabilities in the Cloud
    As a company specializing in hybrid IT monitoring, ScienceLogic has been looking to increase its capability, and the acquisition of AppFirst will give it the technology it needs to be a more comprehensive provider of IT management resourc…
  • PwC Report Shows Fastest Growing Cloud Software Providers
    PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), a global provider of financial and tax services, has released its "25 Fastest Growing Cloud Companies" list as part of its "Global 100 Software Leaders" report. Together, they reflect on the mix of establishe…
  • Clear Skies Looks to Secure Enterprise Data with Cloud Encryption
    As more enterprises migrate to the cloud to store their data, accessing that information by members of the organization, hundreds or thousands of times a day, can give hackers a potential vector of attack. This very concern has led MGT …
  • Enterprise Cloud App Store Offers Access to Optimization
    Apps earned notoriety with the maturation of smartphones, and today serve as integral components of the enterprise. From CISO and CEO dashboards to sales and IT, businesses leverage these tools to improve efficiency, productivity and prov…
  • CyberArk Provides Security for Inside the Network Perimeter
    The network perimeter is where many common security measures take place. Firewalls, antivirus systems, sandbox operations...most generally these are focused on the initial contact with the network. Protections beyond that point are often …
  • Dell Global Study Reveals Agreement in IT Trends Throughout Business
    It would be easy to think that the business decision makers of a business and those who handle information technology (IT) decisions would be constantly at loggerheads. After all, the business side would be happy if employees continued us…
  • Oracle Expands Its Cloud Presence with $9.3 Billion NetSuite Acquisition
    The adoption and growth of cloud now has many of the biggest players in IT making key acquisitions in order to ensure they have some kind of presence in the segment. While Amazon was one of the earliest companies to …
  • Enterprise Cloud Growth Set to Leave the Hesitant Behind
    It's surprising that with so much talk about the cloud, there are still some in business who are confused by the concept. They understand that they no longer need to keep things on-premise, but that may be where …
  • Fujitsu Arm Brings GoVerifyID to Enterprise Cloud Development Operations
    When it comes to enterprise cloud, development tools are both vital to the ongoing success of the system and found in fairly large numbers. One new force in enterprise cloud development recently came to light as Fujitsu subsidiary RunMyPr…
  • Changes Coming as Companies Drive Growth in the Enterprise Cloud
    The enterprise was once scared of the concept of cloud computing. The thought of moving proprietary data outside of the firewall and giving another company control is a scary concept. But the reality is cloud providers have proven that th…
  • Growth in Enterprise Cloud Adoption Creating Significant Market Opportunities
    The promises of the enterprise cloud continue to prove valuable. CIOs continue to lead their organizations to a cloud-based strategy and as a result, cloud adoption is soaring. According to Gartner, the public cloud services market is exp…
  • ServiceNow Stands By Multi-Instance Architecture
    While SaaS is sending shockwaves through the enterprise cloud, a battle rages behind the scenes. Pardon the drama, but it is more than necessary. For years, the special sauce in SaaS and cloud architectures was multi-tenancy, but as Willi…
  • New Infor Cloud App Suite Allows Federal Government to be More Secure and Cost Efficient with IT
    Infor recently announced a new suite of cloud-based applications especially designed for the U.S. federal government. Known as CloudSuite Federal, the collection of applications is designed specifically to help federal agencies improve re…
  • Setting Up Security for Cloud-Based Operations Proving Greater Challenge Than Expected
    The perception of cloud-based systems has been changing over the years since its start, and these days, there are plenty ready to consider the cloud as a safer alternative to the physical version. A new study from Forrester Consulting …
  • The SaaS Market Expected to Make Huge Gains by 2024
    The software-as-a-service (SaaS) market has long been a source of speculation, analysis and huge potential rewards, depending on where exactly one fits into that market. A new report from price comparison leader Better Buys reveals that t…
  • Enterprise Cloud Outfit Zyme Ups CDM Game
    Enterprise cloud solutions have reached the mainstream, with solutions to support your CRM or IT operations as a whole that are here to stay. These "as-a-service" offerings provide the opportunity to modernize workflows, improve efficienc…
  • IBM Makes Strategic Enterprise Cloud Announcements
    IBM has spent the last couple of weeks shoring up its enterprise cloud offerings with a number of major announcements. From rolling out the newest version of its MobileFirst Foundation mobile application development platform to opening it…
  • 'Recruitment' Hires Enterprise Cloud for HR
    ServiceNow Recruitment app offers HR managers a user-friendly UI to post both internal and external job openings.
  • SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Enters the New Zealand Market
    New Zealand is so far away from every other land mass, it was one of the last places to be settled by humans. But the more than 4.5 million people that live on that island nation now have the …
  • CiraSync Brings New Enterprise Cloud SaaS Solution to Microsoft Azure
    There is no shortage of solutions in the enterprise cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) field, and for those wanting one to help deal with the many contacts that some businesses can generate, there's a great new option from …
  • How GRC Solutions Can Help Address Cloud Compliance Concerns
    Utilization of the cloud is far below what it could be, due in large part to security concerns - namely related to compliance, according to a new blog by Priya Kanduri, the head of risk and compliance practice at Happiest Minds …
  • ADTRAN Releases ProCloud Subscription Services for MSPs
    The connection between end users (the customers like the individuals reading this article and the businesses that purchase IT services) and service providers has long been a direct one. Service providers use their own servers and equipmen…
  • Ping Identity Rolls Out New Tools For Its Identity-as-a-Service Line
    With an increasingly mobile workforce turning to cloud-based tools as a means to keep connected, active, and productive, it becomes important for businesses to not only supply the cloud-based systems involved, but also to protect these. T…
  • Spirent Releases Cloud-Based Temeva Testing Software
    Spirent Communications, a developer of network testing software, has announced the release of its new Temeva cloud-based suite that offers a number of applications for testing network traffic and virtual network functions. It can also pro…
  • ServiceNow Buys BrightPoint Security
    Service desk management giant ServiceNow is acquiring BrightPoint Security in an all-cash deal. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
  • Cloud Foundry Foundation Adds Dynatrace to Roster
    The Cloud Foundry Foundation, a group dedicated to the advancement of enterprise cloud systems and technology, recently added a new member to its lineup: Dynatrace. Dynatrace joined the group as a silver member, and is set to bring its li…
  • Google Gains New President of Enterprise Sales
    Tariq Shaukut named as the new president of enterprise sales at Google to drive sales for enterprise apps, cloud services and devices.
  • ServiceNow and Partners Fueling Enterprise Cloud Growth
    ServiceNow has carved out quite a niche for itself in the enterprise space, rising through the ranks to take on companies like Salesforce, Workday, CA and HP.
  • Console Launches Enterprise Cloud Access Service
    The new Console first allows companies to reach their cloud services on Amazon, Google, and Microsoft clouds; it then provides additional networking capabilities to users so they can communicate with one another and send files privately t…
  • ServiceNow Forecasts $4B Revenue by 2020
    ServiceNow aims to generate $4 billion in revenue by 2020, the company recently revealed. And half of that, it says, will come from outside its core IT management tools and rather from areas including customer service, human resource serv…
  • Apple, SAP Deal Means iOS Apps for Enterprise
    There's been some big news in the enterprise space for iOS: SAP and Apple announced a partnership that will allow SAP developers to procure iOS apps using the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, taking iOS devices to a new level …
  • MFTaaS from Wipro Now Running on AWS
    Wipro Ltd.'s Managed File Transfer as a Service is now running on Amazon Web Services. As a result, businesses like Affinia Group now have access to this enterprise cloud service, which enables them to integrate digitally with their clien…
  • EMC Corporation Releases LEAP Content Management Online Collection
    EMC Corporation recently announced the launch of it new set of content and productivity applications for businesses. Called LEAP, the new collection of apps helps clients classify documents, migrate data, and design lightweight company ap…
  • 4th Source to Provide Nearshore ServiceNow Capabilities
    This news is another affirmation of the importance of IT operations and how the enterprise cloud is transforming workflows and processes by alleviating cost, time and inefficiency through innovation and automation. ServiceNow illustrates …
  • Cloudbase Solutions Delivers Coriolis to Help with Workload Migrations
    Coriolis - Cloud Migration as a Service! is a new offering from Cloudbase Solutions that allows for the automated migration of Linux and Windows workloads between clouds.
  • Solinea Releases New OpenStack Management Software
    Solinea, a developer of cloud-based infrastructure management software, is more than familiar with OpenStack, the open source cloud computing platform that has gained significant recognition since its launch in 2010. Typically released as…
  • Global Cloud Market Reached $93 Billion Last Year
    The cloud market is already sizeable and most analysts agree it has plenty of growth ahead of it in the years to come. As such, it's always interesting to see which companies are at the forefront of the space. …
  • SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Offering Arrives in Johannesburg
    Enterprise cloud operations are spreading like wildfire as companies realize the value in such a deployment. Access to a variety of major functions without the need to maintain infrastructure can be huge in terms of cost savings while req…
  • PaaS Poised to Push eCommerce in Enterprise Cloud
    The PaaS is celebrated for working with AWS, as it offers users a secure and scalable environment to do business.
  • ServiceNow Moves to Buy ITapp
    ServiceNow, a worldwide service desk management software leader, announced plans to acquire ITapp in an all-cash deal that's set to close this month.
  • Gartner Recognizes Informatica as Integration Platform Leader
    As more businesses move their applications and data to the cloud, the greater the need becomes for a separate class of applications that can handle the transfer of information from one cloud to another or from cloud systems to on-…
  • NTT Transforms SAP HANA Database Appliance into Cloud Service
    NTT Communications has announced the launch of SAP HANA Menu on its Enterprise Cloud service.
  • Google Charging Into Enterprise Cloud
    Many businesses are still moving to the cloud, however, so there's plenty of room for growing market share; Google's cloud business grew 108 percent year-over-year while Microsoft's cloud business grew 124 percent, according to Synergy …
  • Stackspace Shares Public Beta of Enterprise Cloud Solution
    Stackspace recently introduced to the public beta its new SaaS enterprise cloud, analytics solution. The platform is quickly deployed and ensures secure, speedy data processing and analyzing.
  • Google Set to Make Play for Cloud with Raft of Acquisitions
    Google is prepared to pony up millions to get up to speed in the enterprise cloud business, according to reports.
  • Druva inSync Gives Enterprise Cloud Apps Extra Protection
    There's no doubt that the enterprise cloud has been one of the biggest contributors to a more mobile workforce. The ability to access data from a wide array of locations and put said data to use is valuable by …
  • NTT Com Enhances Its Enterprise Cloud
    NTT Com's Enterprise Cloud solution has gotten a bit of a makeover. Enterprise Cloud is touted as a full-layer virtual private cloud, and now with its latest enhancements, the solution will better be able to provide solutions to …
  • IBM, Indosat Ooredoo Ink Cloud Deal
    Indonesia telecom provider Indosat Ooredoo inked a deal with IBM to deliver solutions on the IBM Cloud, giving businesses an edge in streamlining processes and improving productivity.
  • Cato Networks Announces PartnerCloud Program
    Networks are transporting incredible amounts of data, and it is growing exponentially as more smartphones, cloud services and IoT come online. With all this traffic, it is getting more challenging to secure the infrastructure as more bad …
  • Netskope Unveils First-of-its-Kind Threat Protection for CASB Industry
    Cloud access security brokers (CASB) enforce enterprise security policies with cloud-based policy enforcement points. The goal is to provide security visibility, threat prevention, data protection and regulatory compliance for cloud adopt…
  • Qualys App for ServiceNow CMDB Gets Certification
    Qualys has long been considered one of the top performers in the enterprise cloud-based security field. Recently, the firm announced it has received full certification from ServiceNow for its application that deals with Configuration Mana…
  • HGC Launches Version 2.0 of bizCloud
    Hutchison Global Communications Limited (HGC), a fixed-line operator, IT service provider, carrier's carrier and Wi-Fi service provider, has launched version 2.0 of its bizCloud cloud solution to continue helping organizations securely an…
  • US Government Grants ServiceNow FedRAMP Certification
    When the U.S. federal government decides to implement a new technology system wide, the process is both expensive and protracted. With so many agencies, employees, locations and security requirements, that is to be expected. As the govern…
  • Three Ways Shared-Service Organizations Can Go Digital
    Shared-service organizations, those organizations that provide technical and administrative support in areas common to all areas of a business, are ripe for digital transformation.
  • Germany's QSC Brings out Entire Cloud-based ICT Operation
    Cloud-based services are increasingly catching attention for ease of use and a potential boost to profitability. That's leading some firms to make more cloud-based services available, and for German operator QSC, it's recently brought a w…
  • Enterprises Must Go All-In to Maximize Cloud Benefits
    When technology improves beyond a certain stage, it results in something being done not only differently or better, but also with totally different methods. For example, we didn't graduate to faster and bigger floppy disks when hard drive…
  • SevOne Receives Certification From ServiceNow Cloud
    SevOne, a developer of software that monitors network performance, recently received certification of its eponymous product with the ServiceNow cloud-based service management platform.
  • Appirio and High Alpha Building Enterprise Cloud Company from Ground Up
    Cloud software is the way of the future, but as with any new technology it comes with its own set of issues that need to be addressed through purpose-built solutions. At the same time, next-generation cloud companies have …
  • Private, Hybrid Cloud Deployments to Grow in 2016
    The market for enterprise-grade cloud solutions is maturing, according to Technology Business Research, Reseller News reports.
  • A Cloud Friendly Acquisition Market & the Enterprise
    The growing market figures as well as the expenditures set the framework of presence of major corporations. As evidenced by the massive profits reported by companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, and Microsoft, the race to win t…
  • ServiceNow Automated Identity Management Benefits Service Providers and Customers
    Automation has recently been a common theme for enterprises, service providers and data centers. All are tasked with handling an increased number of connected devices across all types of networks, sometimes distributed environments. Autom…
  • SAP for IM&C Building Blocks Launched by Hitachi Consulting
    Back in December 2015, a leading provider of IT consulting and management consulting solutions and services, Hitachi Consulting, a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., announced an agreement with SAP to deliver a fully integrated Hitachi Consulti…
  • Unisys Debuts a Micro-approach Cloud Security Solution with Macro Security Features
    Cloud security solutions are constantly evolving as they emerge to answer the call and demands of business. The year ahead will be filled by the continued arrival of improved and novel security solutions. The latest news on this front com…
  • ServiceNow Defines the Enterprise Cloud
    When it comes to companies at the forefront of delivering enterprise cloud, the list is quickly narrowed down to a few key points, according to Dave Stephens, vice president and general manager of Service Management at ServiceNow, in a re…
  • CISO Dashboards: Securing Information One Metric at a Time
    In 1995, Citicorp/Citigroup named Steve Katz as its Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Katz is credited as the first to hold the title, anywhere. It has been over 20 years, and the enterprise landscape has changed dramatically pos…
  • Simplivity Steps Up to Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance
    Simplivity announced it is joining the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance and placing a new development center in the Seattle area to serve as a research and development hub. The company has enjoyed phenomenal growth and there are some i…
  • MIT IS&T Begins Use of ServiceNow IT Management
    The Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology assists all staff and students with their information technology needs - everything from network connections to telephony.
  • The Benefits of the dotCMS Enterprise Cloud
    DotCMS lets companies operate thousands of sites, apps, landing pages, intranet, extranet and multi-channel user experiences which can be managed and maintained in a single system and codebase with a private, secure and fully customizable…
  • Selecting an Enterprise Cloud Solution
    Selecting the proper IT solution cannot be a knee-jerk reaction, it requires a systematic approach until the best match is discovered. First, it is best to research providers to find what may be a good fit, and select providers …
  • How to Secure the Enterprise Cloud for SMB and Beyond
    The enterprise cloud is the most flexible solution for information technologies that has ever been created. There are countless tools, applications, and variations. When the narrative is focused on savings, efficiency, and enablement, the…
  • Legacy Separation Key to Cloud Success in 2016
    Much has been said about the cloud this year. Companies are more readily adopting strategies that leverage cloud-based applications; security provisions in the cloud are proving to be more robust than we once thought; and the benefits for…
  • The Cloud is a Safer Place with Avanan and Check Point Software
    Tales of data breaches abound these days, as major retailers from Home Depot to Dairy Queen get socked by hacking attempts. It's not hard to be concerned about the level of security anywhere else, and if major enterprises can …
  • ServiceNow Announces Availability of ServiceWatch Suite
    Service outages in the IT department are now tantamount to losing power. With virtually every piece of equipment we use in the office now part of the IT infrastructure, any disruption to the service will be costly. ServiceNow, a company …
  • Integrating IT, Customer Service Provides Total View and Customer Satisfaction
    The customer experience that generates positive reviews and brand loyalty today delivers accurate, relevant and personalized information on an individual basis. The role of the customer service rep is too often narrowly focused on intake …
  • Enterprise Cloud: Time to Get in 'Rhythm'
    ServiceNow projects a valuation of $45 billion for the "Everything-as-a-Service" market. And, as ServiceNow currently boasts a roster of nearly 3,000 clients worldwide, it is clearly a successful tool but unfortunately it seems many of it…
  • ServiceNow Geneva Shows What Enterprise Cloud Can Do
    Software development is transforming work as we know it. ServiceNow, a firm with a focus on helping the enterprise modernize to be as efficient and scalable as possible, by honing in on tasks and processes that make up the day-…
  • Integrhythm: At the Forefront of Delivering Enterprise Cloud
    The cloud, what once viewed as a mysterious, strange new world has today become a crucial cog in the wheel of the enterprise. Cloud computing is bursting with innovation, from new tools and vendors to services the cloud is transforming …
  • The Enterprise Cloud Alphabet
    From human resources to the help desk, cloud computing is revolutionizing business operations. Firms leveraging the cloud are growing in number, whether it is Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Software-as-a…
  • Integrhythm Launches Enterprise Cloud Channel on TMCnet
    The Enterprise Cloud Channel is designed for decision-makers from all businesses seeking information regarding the cloud, and how it can improve business operations. Visitors to the Enterprise Cloud Channel can find valuable resources suc…